Alison DiLaurentis was the Queen Bee of Rosewood High. She ruled the school with an iron fist and was also the leader of the most popular clique in town, The Liars, consisting of Aria Montgomery, Hanna Marin, Spencer Hastings and Emily Fields. One day, at the end of summer, Alison went missing. And one year later, her body was found. This is the day that Alison's old friends begin receiving threats from "A". The Liars are tortured by A for months and during this time they discover Alison had also received texts from the mysterious stalker. The Liars soon figure out that Mona Vanderwaal is "A". The Liars think everything is okay until a mysterious blonde in a red coat begins working with Mona as A. Is it Alison? the Liars wonder. And when Red Coat saves them from a fire, they begin to wonder even more why their worst enemy can sometimes be an unlikely ally. Their questions are answers when it is revealed that there are actually two blondes running around. One acting as "A" and the other helping the girls. The Liars chase the second one to Ravenswood and discover that she is none other than a very much alive Alison. Alison tells the girls that she wants to come home but needs their help. So the Liars begin working to bring Ali home and eventually they meet up with her in New York. Alison tells them that she visited them multiple times and that she pushed Ian Thomas off of the bell tower. She also says that her mother is the one who buried her alive. Their meeting, however, is cut short, when a figure in a black hoodie attacks the girls with a gun. When they uncover this figure as Shana Fring, Alison's childhood friend whom she sent to watch the Liars, they assume she is "A" and the five girls return home. But "A" isn't gone and Alison isn't out of harms way. "A" makes a triumphant return, shortly after it was announced that a girl named Bethany Young was the one occupying the grave Alison was believed to be in. When the cops begin asking questions Alison takes matter into her own hands begins pulling schemes in order to get her way. When the Liars cut her loose she starts her own army and the Liars begin believing Alison is "A" herself. Mona claims to have found proof, just as a blonde, with hair similar to Ali's, breaks in and kills her. Is Alison "A"? Or is she just protecting herself?